AV XL Plus Crosslink PVA 20L


AV XL Plus is a medium to fast setting medium solids single pack cross linking PVA emulsion adhesive which develops excellent bond strength, high heat resistance and humidity resistance, without catalyst addition, when dried at normal or elevated temperatures. It produces a clear non staining glue line. AV XL Plus is an excellent adhesive for cabinet and furniture assembly where high bond strengths, good water/humidity resistance and relatively short clamp times are required. Applications include:
Edge gluing timber sections
Finger jointing
Solid timber veneers or plastic
Panel to frame gluing Laminates to core substrates
RF curing application

Colour : Red


Volume : 20L

FSC® Certified

An FSC certification considers that foresty operations be cost-effective while not compromising the environmental health of the forest. Ask about our FSC range.

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