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Anchor Weld 901 Solvent Cleaner 20L


Anchor-weld 901 Cleaner/ Thinner is a Specifically formulated blend that is ideally suited for cleaningoff dried water based and solvent based adhesives, such as spillage and adhesive oversprays.

It is commonly used for cleaning metal tools and cleaning/soaking metal spray gun parts and scrapers.

Anchor-Weld 901 Cleaner/ Thinner can also be used as a thinner for Anchor Weld brush, roller, and scraper grade contact adhesives. It is not recommended for thinning water-based acrylic, latex or PVA based adhesives.

Anchor-Weld 901 Cleaner/ Thinner is also suitable for thinning spray grade contacts but it is generally not required.


Colour : Beige (Unfilled)


Volume : 20L

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